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Cleaning equipment


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RG-DEV8240 Multimedia Electric Road Sweeper

RG-TEV8240 combines road sweepers with advertising, improving the versatility of the equipment and providing a new solution for urban cleaning and commercial promotion. Broadcast advertisements or promotional videos while cleaning to create additional commercial value while completing the cleaning task. The LCD display panel can play high-definition videos and images, attracting the attention of pedestrians and non motor vehicle drivers, and improving the effectiveness of advertising and promotion. Compared to traditional outdoor billboards, the LCD display panel on the road sweeper can update content in real-time, reducing the cost of advertising production and replacement. Intelligent use of IoT technology enables remote control and monitoring of the playback content of LCD display panels, making it easy to manage and maintain.

RG-8240 Multifunctional Road Sweeper

Fujian Ronggong RG-8240 road sweeper is an articulated chassis, multi-functional road sweeper. The machine adopts the cab with panoramic glass structure, adopts aluminum alloy material recovery box, is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioner, and the cleaning method is suction sweeping type; it is equipped with Platinum 404D-22 diesel engine; walking drive, steering system, fan drive, The driving of the sweeping brush and the lifting of the dustbin adopt advanced hydraulic technology; the articulated steering and the speed of the sweeping brush are controlled by a single output of the throttle valve, which can be adjusted steplessly according to the actual road conditions of the road cleaning; the suction system adopts a double-circulation airflow blowback mechanism, It can improve the cleaning efficiency of the road sweeper; the position of the cleaning brush and the suction pipe are equipped with a water spray device to ensure that dust will not be generated during cleaning operations and cause secondary pollution; the cleaning width of the sweeping brush of this machine is 1.6-2.4 meters, which is widely used in cities Cleaning operations in non-motor vehicle lanes, city squares, parks, stadiums, convention centers and other places.

RG-TEV8240 solar lithium-ion sweeper

RG-TEV8240 is a solar lithium battery road sweeper independently developed by Fujian Ronggong Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. The 307V electric control system has a 70Kwh super-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, a 1850L recycling box volume, and a 1.2Kw aviation-grade high-power photovoltaic panel. Streamlined appearance design, panoramic glass structure cab, aluminum alloy garbage bin, equipped with top-mounted integrated heating and cooling air conditioner, box-type negative pressure structure design, articulated body, electro-hydraulic control hydraulic system, and water-based cleaning brush position The spray device ensures that dust will not be generated during cleaning operations and cause secondary pollution; the width of the sweeping brush of this machine can be adjusted from 1.6 meters to 2.4 meters, which is widely used in urban non-motorized lanes, city squares, parks, stadiums, exhibitions Cleaning operations in centers and other places.

RG-3150 Small Road Sweeper

Fujian Ronggong RG3150TZ Road Sweeper is a small suction type road sweeper with a special chassis overall structure. The technical performance of this road sweeper is ahead of similar products, with beautiful appearance and flexible operation. Fujian Ronggong RG3150TZ road sweeper is powered by a Perkins diesel engine, and all operations are completed by hydraulic transmission. The two sweeping brushes of the road sweeper are arranged on both sides in front of the cab, and the suction port is arranged in the middle under the cab, which provides a good view of the sweeping operation and is easy to operate. The suction system of the road sweeper adopts the structure of air circulation and reverse blowing. Part of the air is discharged after being filtered by the mesh filter. During the cleaning operation, there will be no secondary pollution from the wind and dust. It can be used for anhydrous dry cleaning and dual-purpose operation.