• Implement three guarantees for product quality

    The company implements a three guarantee service for the quality of products provided by customers, which includes checking, replacing, and returning within the warranty period. The warranty period shall comply with the requirements of the bidding documents.

  • Provide a response and solution within 48 hours

    During the installation and use period of the user, arrive at the site within 48 hours of receiving the user's notification, and provide answers and solutions to various issues raised by the user.

  • Installation guidance

    During the equipment installation period, the company provides free technical guidance during the installation and construction process, and provides free technical exchange

  • Free exchange

    Even if the model of individual products is adjusted incorrectly due to user reasons, the company can be responsible for free replacement.

  • Training and guidance

    During the trial period of the product, the company provides free technical guidance and is responsible for providing training and guidance to the use and maintenance personnel of the valve.

  • High quality after-sales service

    After the warranty period, our company will continue to provide users with high-quality and affordable technology and spare parts supply